The cello slip pad is not just a function to fix the cello tail. We have reduced the performance platform of the concert hall and introduced the acoustic design to make the anti-slip mat more functional and convenient. The anti-slip pad (stopper) is a must-have accessory for all the players who play the cello. The traditional cello anti-slip pad is for the cello to play, the tail pin does not slide, but the tail pin is also the resonance of the cello. One part.


When playing the cello, the material of the local board will have different effects on the sound. The carpet or tile will make the sound of the sound heavy. The rock or concrete floor will make the sound of the dry and flat sound, while in the concert hall, There is a performance platform dedicated to the cellist. This platform can increase the sound resonance and enlarge the sound. But it is impossible to run around with such a performance platform. 

This kind of thinking drives us, so we do design, draw, data, 3D model production, experiment, to actual mass production, up to 20 months. For the partners who play the cello, a portable version of the platform that is easy to carry and has increased loudness and stereo sound.



The sound of the cello is played by the bow, and the vibration generated is transmitted to the panel via the bridge. The panel transmits the entire vibration energy to the upper and lower areas of the panel through the bassbar, and then the sound column is transmitted to the back plate. 

After the resonance, the sound is sounded by the F hole, and the tail needle that the cello leans on the ground is also transmitted to the vibration response of the partial bowstring.

Therefore, there will be a dedicated playing platform for the cello tail stick when playing on the stage. The mini horn is the reduced version of the playing platform. We not only reduce the size, but also introduce the acoustic reflection concept design, so that the sound waves are repeatedly in the mini horn.

It rang out after reflection.Thoroughly exhaust all the vibration energy of the cello. 

With the mini horn, the player will feel the sound that is different from the oneWith the mini horn, the player will feel the sound that is different from the one–way F hole in the past way F hole in the past perforperformance. mance. 

The special design of the mini horn allows the sound to surround the player, just like special design of the mini horn allows the sound to surround the player, just like the surround sound, allowing the player to more the surround sound, allowing the player to more clearly feel his cello and listen to clearly feel his cello and listen to the sound of his own note to further correct it.the sound of his own note to further correct it.



!! What, Less Than 70g !!

Although the material of the mini horn is the most common ABS in Taiwan’s industry, we have repeatedly experimented in thickness and shape and size.Make a 3D print every time we make a combination, and use this experiment to meet our requirements. The current size and weight, just like a mobile phone, is like a cosmetic.

Although it is smaller than the wallet, it is far more effective than all the cello stopper pads (bands).Even, go on stage or perform everywhere, put it directly in the pocket, take it away, and the stopper is originally a product that should be easy to carry.

Typhoon|Mini Horn

Weight 70g

Typhoon|Wood Horn

Weight 50g


We entrusted the Department of Applied Physics of the National Kaohsiung University Taiwan to conduct acoustic experiments, compared with the general type of wooden anti-slip mats.

|Open Strings|

|Scale 1|

|Scale 2|



Wang Yu Ning|The man behind minihorn

As a violin maker and violin instructor over 15 years. Wang is also the third generation of Leader Musical Instrument Company in Taiwan. Throughout his career life, Wang is always looking for the best solution to improve every musician’s instrument. Not only repair their instruments, but also make them enjoying the music.

Happy Playing Cello

Unlike the violin and viola, the cello can’t be played immediately from the box, because of the weight of the body and the need to stabilize the body by leaning against the body parts. Therefore, a stopper that can adapt to most places is particularly important, so we have been thinking about such problems, and thanks to friends from all area of life for their assistance. We have created the Typhoon-Mini Horn.


Seoul International Invention Fair

  • 2022 Geneva Salon International Inventions Gold Medal

  • 2019 Seoul International Invention Fair Gold Medal
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    TW M574321
    TW D196286, 
    TW D196287.

  • China
    CN 201930307271.5 
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    USA : US 10891924 

  • Japan
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